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She’s desperate for redemption. He craves a normal life, yet he’s anything but normal. When their paths collide, will they be each other’s salvation…or destruction?

Beware the Stranger (B. E. Ware Book One)
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Life never turns out the way you expect.

Stella Burberry has sworn off sin and men. It’s her punishment, penance for the keg party that resulted in her brother’s coma. 

But when sexy and mysterious Ben Ware shows up looking for work with a wicked smile and his own built-in warning label, she’s faced with a temptation she can’t ignore. How can she be good when she’s constantly around a guy who is so deliciously bad?

Then Stella discovers Ben is harboring an incredible secret: he can do things with his mind that would shake the scientific community to its core—and turn him into a lab rat. 

Desperate and out of options for saving her brother, Stella needs a miracle. She thinks Ben might be it, that he could also be a healer, but he refuses to believe in his powers and can’t be counted on to help her, despite her pleas. Stella will do anything to save her brother, but Ben isn’t budging…yet.

Are Ben’s extraordinary abilities a curse? Or are they the salvation Stella’s been searching for?

Beware the Magician (B. E. Ware Book Two)
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The greatest magic lies in the human heart. 

Stella Burberry made a huge mistake. She pushed away Ben Ware, the only guy who can save her brother with his mind-blowing telekinetic abilities—and the only guy she’s ever truly fallen for.

She wants to make amends, but Ben seems out of reach. For one thing, he’s now the star of the hottest “magic” act in Las Vegas, with little time for old flames. The entire town is abuzz over his tricks, which have baffled even the most talented illusionists. But what would his adoring public say if they knew his illusions aren’t illusions at all?

Her brother still languishing in a coma, Stella must break through Ben’s inner circle and make him realize his true calling as a healer. But she discovers there’s even more to his magic act than she expected. Ben is being given a steady supply of steroids by his devious manager so he can enhance his powers and push the limits of entertainment, regardless of his health. Now it’s not just Stella’s brother who needs saving: it’s Ben too.

Can Stella save Ben from his manager’s greed? Or will she betray Ben’s trust in one last desperate move to save her brother’s life before it’s too late?

Beware the Seeker (B. E. Ware Book Three)
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Love is the journey that never ends.

Stella Burberry’s life has crumbled to pieces. Drowning her sorrows in booze, she can’t get over Ben Ware. No man will ever compare to him, but Stella cast him aside like yesterday’s memories.

Meanwhile, Ben is struggling with withdrawal symptoms from the steroids his manager forced him to take. No longer feeling the raw strength coursing through his veins, his body doesn’t know how to function properly, and he’s in danger of losing control of his telekinetic powers.

As if that isn’t enough to deal with, Ben has learned that his mother, a cult member, is preparing to commit ritual suicide. Now Ben must race against the clock to find her before it’s too late. There’s just one problem: he needs Stella’s RV to reach his mother in time.

He has one week, and now the tables are turned: his mother’s life—and the truth about his origins—are in Stella’s hands. But Stella has hit rock-bottom. She wants to help Ben, and he wants to help her, but it won’t be easy. Ben’s drug withdrawal pushes his health to the breaking point, and every minute Stella must help him is a minute closer to death for Ben’s mother.

Beware the Seeker is the exciting conclusion to the B.E. Ware paranormal series. You’ll be on the edge of your seat with every turn of the page. Just remember…magic—and ultimately love—work in mysterious ways.


To Each Her Own (a standalone, not part of B. E. Ware)
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Jay Bontrager, a strong, sexy California blond, has mostly adjusted well to living with paraplegia since his spinal cord injury. But Jay feels disgusted by devotees—“freaks” who are attracted to people with disabilities—until he meets the enigmatic and beautiful devotee Erin Silver.

Unfortunately, after Erin overhears Jay expressing his contempt for people like her, the disgust is mutual: she can’t stand to be in the same room with him. Things get even more complicated when her brother, unaware of their brief but hostile acquaintance, installs Jay as Erin’s new housemate.

Erin has long struggled with the guilt and self-loathing caused by her strange attraction to disabled men and just wants to be normal. The last thing she needs is a disabled (and, God help her, hot) roommate reminding her she’s defective. Once she gets to know him better, though, she begins to see Jay in a different light. Maybe he’s not a complete jerk after all. But what will happen when, against her better judgment, she finally lets herself trust him—even love him—and finds out he’s been deceiving her all along?