To Each Her Own (A standalone novel)


Unfortunately, after Erin overhears Jay expressing his contempt for people like her, the disgust is mutual: she can’t stand to be in the same room with him. Things get even more complicated when her brother, unaware of their brief but hostile acquaintance, installs Jay as Erin’s new housemate.

Erin has long struggled with the guilt and self-loathing caused by her strange attraction to disabled men and just wants to be normal. The last thing she needs is a disabled (and, God help her, hot) roommate reminding her she’s defective. Once she gets to know him better, though, she begins to see Jay in a different light. Maybe he’s not a complete jerk after all. But what will happen when, against her better judgment, she finally lets herself trust him—even love him—and finds out he’s been deceiving her all along?


Beware the Stranger (Book One)Beware1.3D

After her brother is left in a coma as a result of a near-drowning she feels is her fault, Stella Burberry convinces herself that, if she becomes the perfect Christian, God will grant her a miracle and save her brother. However, when she meets Ben Ware, a handsome, mysterious stranger and temptation in the flesh, her vow to change her wicked ways and remain chaste is sorely tested.

When she finds out Ben’s secret, she is sure he has been sent to her from God to save her brother, that Ben is her miracle. Persuading Ben of that, however, is next to impossible.

Beware the Magician (Book Two)

Stella follows Ben to Las Vegas, where she must free him from a manipulative, greedy “friend” who threatens both Ben’s freedom and his sanity.

Beware the Seeker (Book Three)

Ben and Stella, both reeling from separate yet devastating events, embark on a road trip to find Ben’s father. In the process, they must overcome challenges that make each of them question who they are–and who they love.