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Can a relationship based on a lie ever find a true Hollywood ending?

Piper Torres’s career is over.

She was America’s sweetheart until she was fired from her sitcom for being too fat. She’s been told she’s finished. Nobody will hire her. Go home to Texas.

Except now Piper’s PR machine has come up with a last-ditch solution: a fake relationship with British heartthrob Grant Cammish.

Grant has been fighting rumors for years that have kept him from landing the part he wants in a blockbuster movie: He’s an asshole. He’s “too British” and aloof. He’s secretly gay.

A fake whirlwind romance will get them both closer to their dream roles.

Only problem?

She’s fire. He’s ice. This “solution” is either a disaster waiting to happen…or the start of something neither of them ever saw coming.