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Piper Torres needs to save her career.

After being fired from her popular sitcom for gaining too much weight, she’s desperate to land another role. Her heart is set on scoring the part of Heledd, Welsh warrior princess, on Battle of Fortunes, the latest fantasy series taking the streaming world by storm.

British actor Grant Cammish has been the resident womanizer and villain on Battle of Fortunes for four years and is ready for something new. He’s set his sights on his favorite comic book hero of all time, Captain Justice, an icon of American pop culture. Only problem? Grant is “too British” for the role.

When Grant and Piper’s PR machine comes up with the idea of a fake relationship to help them land their dream roles, Piper is reluctant to agree. After all, Grant is an aloof snob, and Piper is America’s sweetheart: it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Except Grant isn’t what he seems. It turns out there’s a softer side to one of Hollywood’s most reviled villains—one the public never gets to see. But can a relationship based on make-believe ever find its true Hollywood ending?