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She needs a miracle. He can literally do magic. When their paths collide, will they be each other’s soulmate…or each other’s destruction? Find out in this exciting paranormal romance trilogy, all in one complete set!

What if the chance to right a wrong came in the form of one extraordinary man?

Stella Burberry has sworn off bad boys, wild nights, and the lifestyle that goes with them. She blames herself for the pool party that landed her teenage brother in a coma. Of course, that’s precisely when Ben Ware shows up in her life sporting bruises from a fight and a devastating smile.

Stella knows he’s going to test her ability to stick to the plan: avoid all temptation, even if it comes in an enticing and mysterious package.

Soon, however, she uncovers an explosive revelation about Ben, something that might help her comatose brother. But the harder she tries to convince Ben to use his gifts, the more she risks falling under an entirely different kind of spell…

Ben Ware believes he’s cursed. He possesses telekinesis, the ability to manipulate matter with his mind. It’s an ability he’s forced to conceal unless he wants to risk worldwide exposure and having governments or corporations wield his power as a weapon.

But Stella’s devotion to her brother makes him question his beliefs. And his attraction to Stella is an unstoppable force, pulling him closer and making it hard to deny her anything.

Can he take a chance and stretch the boundaries of his skills for her sake? Or will helping her be his ultimate downfall?

The B. E. Ware Trilogy will have you on the edge of your seat with every turn of the page. Just remember…magic—and ultimately love—work in mysterious ways.