Molly Mirren is proof that dreams can come true.

Growing up in a small Oklahoma town, she was shaped by its values of decency, community, and hard work. These lifelong lessons not only affected her, but her fictional characters as well. Her long-time dream of becoming a writer came into sharp focus upon attending college, where she met a fellow student who happened to be a writing major. Inspired, Molly switched her own major from political science to writing and let her journey take her down the road to an exciting new future.

But like a lot of writers, she realized upon graduation that many employers scoffed at her new degree. And so began a series of random jobs where her writing skills weren’t utilized and her dreams were dashed…but not for long.

Years later, as Molly celebrated the joys of motherhood to two beautiful little girls, the spark came alive once more. She had finally returned to writing. And as the words flowed, Molly wondered why she had ever stopped in the first place.

After keeping her writings to herself, she finally published her first novel, To Each Her Own, in 2015. But her two-week break afterwards turned into a full year as the demands of life couldn’t be kept at bay. After that year off from writing, she re-energized herself and published three books in 2018 from the B.E. Ware series: Beware the Stranger (B. E. Ware Book One), Beware the Magician (B. E. Ware Book Two), and Beware the Seeker (B. E. Ware Book Three). The trilogy is available in the Books section of this website, along with her standalone romance novel, To Each Her Own.

Even though the B.E. Ware series is now complete, Molly may return someday to Stella and Ben, the two central characters who will forever be a part of her heart. Currently, though, she is working on a standalone contemporary romance that is surely guaranteed to enchant readers as much as her previous works.

Molly now lives in Texas with her family: her husband, two daughters, and a feisty but sweet Westie terrier who likes to tinkle in significant, meaningful places when miffed.