Version 2Molly Mirren grew up in a small Oklahoma town that played a large role in shaping who she is today. Its influence on her life is reflected in some of her characters. From there, she went to college, where she met a fellow student who was a professional writing major. Since she’d always wanted to be a writer and had dabbled in it since she was a child, she realized this was the perfect profession for her and quickly switched her major from poli-sci to writing.

Unfortunately, upon graduation, she realized employers weren’t lining up to hire graduates who could write novels, so she embarked on the first of many left-brained jobs at which she was either mediocre or terrible.  Finally, many years later, after becoming a mother of two beautiful little girls, Molly was able to start writing again–and she wondered why she ever stopped.

After writing a few things just for herself, she decided to publish her first novel, To Each Her Own, in 2015. Once that book was out, she took a break from writing for a couple of weeks to recharge her batteries. Much to her chagrin, that two weeks turned into a full year where she didn’t write a word.

The good news is that Molly got back in the saddle in 2016 and has a trilogy in the works. She had hoped to have it out in 2017, but it’s taking longer to do revisions than she thought. A publishing date is far from being set, but she promises these books WILL be finished and published, hopefully sometime mid to late 2018.

Molly now lives in Texas with her hubby, her two daughters, and a sweet little Westie who likes to tinkle in significant, meaningful places when miffed.