Molly Mirren grew up in a small Oklahoma town that played a large role in shaping who she is today. Its influence on her life—including the real-life circus performers she went to grade school, middle school, and high school with—is reflected in some of her characters. 

From there, she went to college, where she met a fellow student who was a professional writing major (and the fact that he was kinda cute didn’t have any influence on her at all). Since she’d always wanted to be a writer and had dabbled in it since she was a child, she realized this was the perfect profession for her and quickly switched her major from poli-sci to professional writing.

Shockingly, upon graduation, employers weren’t lining up to hire novelists. That, coupled with an unfortunate incident where 150 pages of her first novel were lost forever, making her think the universe was trying to tell her something—and also the need to eat and have shelter—caused her to embark on the first of many left-brained jobs at which she was either mediocre or terrible. 

Finally, many years later, Molly discovered Sam and Dean on Supernatural, and she wrote a few fan fics that people actually seemed to like. This spurred her to write something original that came solely from her own brain.

She decided to publish her first novel in 2015. Once that book was out, she took a break from writing for a couple of weeks to recharge her batteries. Much to her chagrin, that two weeks turned into a full year where she didn’t write a word.

The good news is that Molly got back in the saddle in 2016 and has completed and released all three books in her B. E. Ware Series: Beware the Stranger (B. E. Ware Book One), Beware the Magician (B. E. Ware Book Two), and Beware the Seeker (B. E. Ware Book Three). And in 2021, she released all three books in a boxed set with the extremely clever title The B. E. Ware Trilogy: A Paranormal Romance Boxed Set. Go to the Books section of this website to learn more about them, plus Molly’s contemporary standalone romances A Hollywood Affair: A Fake-Relationship Celebrity Romance and To Each Her Own.

Molly’s future projects include another contemporary romance about a plumber (plumbers can be super hot, y’all!) and a historical romance set in the 1920s that she can’t get out of her head.

Molly now lives in Texas with her hubby, her two beautiful daughters, and a feisty little Westie terrier who likes to tinkle in significant, meaningful places when miffed.